25. Januar 2011




Artur, Anton und die Liebe
von Mårten Melin
Gerstenberg Verlag


Mårten hat gesagt…

Hi ulf, I still haven't recieved the book (guess I'll have it anyday now) but it looks great! I haven't seen the vorsatz/nachsatz) before but I really like the idea and the result.
Thanks a lot and best regards from Sweden!

ulf k. hat gesagt…

Hi Mårten, it is good to hear, that you like what I have done for your book. It was a pleasure to read it. In about one year, the book will be something for my son. Right now (he has just started school) girls are more “urgh" ... But I am sure this will change.
All the best from Germany!

Mårten hat gesagt…

I'm glad you liked it! I'll be visiting München in Oktober (and the International Children's Library) where I will meet with children and find out if the German children like the book as well. Take care!