9. Februar 2007

Gute Nacht Melodie #2

Die nächsten zwei kolorierten Seiten für El Manglar.


Gabi Beltrán hat gesagt…

Hi Ulf,
Thanks for your comment.
I love those pages. I hope to have soon the magazine.
Now I’m working on four comic book at the same time. In two of them as a script writer and as an autor in the other. Death Andrew history will late to be done, I supose till autumm. It will be a pleasure for me to send an issue to you.
In another way, I need your e-mail address to send to you a picture of Morrisey shirt piece.
Send me your address here:

Best regards,

Gabi Beltrán

Bob Flynn hat gesagt…

Ulf! I'm blown away by this series of comics. So much BLACK! WOW! I especially like the building shot in your previous post. I need to start using more black. Blackety black black black! :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Really great colour, Ulf. Congratulations. We are very happy you´ll be in our magazine.
Ricardo from El Manglar

JavierOlivares hat gesagt…

Wellcome to the Manglar, ULF.!!
I´ll be in this issue too, I think.

ulf k. hat gesagt…

Hi Bob,

using black is always fine. Today it is not always that easy for me to use it (these pages are two years old). Because of all this illustrations for children, my work becomes lighter (I hope that's the right term). But I still love doing it and try to do very dark drawings and pages as often as possible.

You should try it as well. And to get a bit more inspiration follow the links to the pages of Hendrik Dorgathen and Henning Wagenbreth!


Hi Ricardo,

I am happy you like the colors.


Hi Javier,

it will be a great pleasure to be in the same issue as you!

Meet you at te Manglar!


All the best to all of you

ulf k.

Lisboa Party hat gesagt…

Are you influenced by french artist Stanislas, or are you in a more worked mood of Andy Watson style?
Your work set me dubitatous.

ulf k. hat gesagt…

Hi Lisboa Party,

well my main influence was Yves Chaland. Because of him I do what I do!

But there were of course a lot of other inflences like Serge Clerc, Dupuy-Berberian, David B., Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Francois Avril, Petit-Roulet Ever Meulen and (sure) Stanislas.

Andy Watson came too late :-) I like what he is doing but when I discovered his work I had already found my way.

But on my way (which I "walk" now over 20 years, because I deceided when I was 14 to become a comic-artist) I always took a look at very different works, and from all of them I took something with me, no matter if it was Garry Panther or Mark Marek or Tardi or Kaz or, or , or......


ulf k.

elementary, my dear watson hat gesagt…

I HATE andi watson. puagggg
you are much better.

Lisboa Party hat gesagt…

Many thanks. I'll try to read Le Manglar magazine. My spanish is much better than my germanic: the Kleine cafe song and no more.


(I think too you are better than Andy Watson. Sorry if the question looks like I believe the contrary)

ulf k. hat gesagt…

Hi Lisboa Party,

thanks for the compliment. Oh, by the way: this song linked is not german, even if that song exist in german. But the one on "youtube" is the netherland version of it. Not that you will learn the wrng language ;-)


Hi Elementary,

thank you, that find me better than Andi Watson. But why do you hate him?

Jakob Werth hat gesagt…

Hallo Ulf,

vielen Dank für die nette Begrüßung
in Bloggingen.

Tolle Sachen hast du hier.
Macht echt Spaß sich beim Mondgucker umzusehen.

Viele Grüße,


Herr Gilke hat gesagt…

Jaja, der Herr Werth ist endlich dabei, warte nur, Meister Schmolke… Du bist auch bald dran!

Da geb' ich Dir vollkommen Recht, Herr K.

f pazos hat gesagt…

i love this darker or more dense stuff. amazed by your use of black.
also the storytelling here is so smooth it made me want to see it animated.

Miguel B. Núñez hat gesagt…

Thanks for yours last comments!!

This pages are wonderful!!!! amazing colour!!!


ulf k. hat gesagt…

Hi Federico,

thank you for your comment. As I already have said to Bob, I really like these darker works of mine as well. But it is difficult to do children books with it - and the last time I was nearly just doing that.


Hi Miguel,

thank you. But your colours are amazing, too. They worked so well with your kind of drawing.

All the best to both of you.